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Entry #2

Getting on with TLQ 2

2014-03-04 00:02:27 by JuandacAnimation

Im making the sequel of TLQ, but this time, it will be more challenging, i don't expect you from going on in level 3, you'll see, this time it will be 150, yeah, 150 GODDAMN LOUSY QUESTIONS WHOOO!

But this will not be non-sense, you'll better start to study, or teh quiz will get you.

EDIT: It takes longer than it seems, im really thinking the questions and i have a problem with the interface, Dammit.

EDIT2: Since im running out of time, ill be dividing the game in chapters, and its renamed, Its now RAGING QUIZ 2: The Novel #Okno, Only Raging Quiz 2


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